An Overview of 5454 Aluminum Tanker Plate

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Energy reduction and lightweight structure have become a global trend. Compared with steel, aluminum alloy tank truck is of low density, good corrosion resistance, easy welding, long life and high recycling value. More than 90% of the tankers are made of aluminum alloy in Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan.

The production of tank body has high requirements for the aluminum alloy such as good corrosion resistance, high processing performance, strong resistance to pressure. It can be processed with bending, stamping and stretching. These requirements are exactly in line with the 5xxx aluminum.

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5xxx aluminum is with Magnesium as the main alloy element, about 3-5%. The difference in the magnesium content determines the performance and use of the different 5 series aluminum sheets. The main grades have 5052, 5083,5005, 5086, 5754 and 5454 aluminum. 5052, 50583 and 5454 aluminum sheets are widely used in passenger cars, semi-trailers, vans and fuel tankers.

At present, most aluminum alloy load tanker manufacturers mainly use 5083 aluminum alloy as the material of the tank body. The use of 5182 plate can better reflect its corrosion resistance and welding performance. In the case of the same loading weight, the wall thickness of the tank body can be thinner and its own weight is lighter. 5454 aluminum sheets can be used in high temperature environment or transport high temperature liquids.

5454 aluminum plate belongs to the 5xxx Al-Mg alloy. Its magnesium is about 2.4-3.0%. Other alloy elements are silicon, copper, zinc, manganese, titanium, chromium, iron, etc., to improve the metal hardness. It has excellent rust resistance. Its strength is about 20% higher than that of the 5052 aluminum sheet.

5454 aluminum plate is of low density, high strength, corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, good rigidity and strong shock resistance. It has many tempers including O and H temper. Haomei Aluminum is one of the big 5454 aluminum plate suppliers in China. 5454 aluminum sheet price is affected by many factors.

The first factor is the aluminum ingot price. The quotation for the 5454 aluminum plate of the same specification will also vary with the fluctuations of aluminum ingot price. Another factor is processing cost. The processing cost of different alloys are also different. For the international trade of 5454 aluminum sheet, the shipping cost also has an effect on the final price.

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