The Wide Application of Alloy 5754

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Tank Truck

Alloy 5754 is the main aluminum alloy for tank truck. 5754 aluminum sheet is of high strength, corrosion resistance, good workability, and excellent arc weldability, so it is very suitable for tank truck after welding. 5754-h111 aluminum is widely used for making tanker cylinder. Haomei 5754 aluminum sheet is of flat shape and good mechanical properties.

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Sound Insulation Plate

Aluminum 5754 is mainly used for sound insulation and noise reduction in transportation and municipal facilities such as expressways, elevated composite roads, urban light rail and subways, and to control the impact of traffic noise on nearby urban areas.

As 5754 aluminum sheet has high strength and is not affected by temperature and humidity, it is a good choice to use 5754 alloy for sound insulation boards.


The bottom of the ship is most likely to be corroded by water since it is at the lowest part of the ship. The most basic requirement of the the bottom plate is high corrosion resistance. 5754 aluminum plate has excellent corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, high weldability and medium static strength.

Aluminum door and window

5754 aluminum contains magnesium, zinc, manganese, chromium, iron, silicon and other elements. Its tensile strength is 165-265mpa. 5754 aluminum alloy is an important sheet for making aluminum-magnesium alloy doors and windows.

Aluminum alloy profiles have good moisture-proof properties, which can extend the life of the furniture. It also has fire-proof and anti-corrosion properties. Its sound insulation and heat preservation performance is good. Welcome to leave message below to inquire it.

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