Aluminium 5083 Rolled Plate

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As an important logistics equipment, tank trucks are widely used in the automobile transportation industry. For oil tankers, the weight of the tank accounts for a large proportion of the weight of the whole vehicle, and reducing the weight of the tank contributes to the lightweight of vehicle. Tanker aluminum sheets are mainly used for tank trucks of oil and chemical liquid. Aluminium 5083 rolled plate and 5182 aluminum plate are the common choices.

At present, most manufacturers mainly use 5083 aluminum alloy sheet as the tank material, while the use of 5182 sheet can better reflect its corrosion resistance and welding performance. Under the condition of the same loading quality, the wall thickness of the tanker made of 5182 aluminum can be thinner and the dead weight is lighter.

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5083 aluminum sheet belongs to the series of hot rolled aluminum plate. Hot-rolled billeting can weld some of the defects of the ingot, such as porosity, shrinkage cavities and intergranular micro-cracks, without causing internal structural defects in subsequent processing. The hot-rolled aluminum plate has good surface quality, strong mechanical properties and ductility, and good anodizing effect.

5083 aluminum plate also has very good welding properties. According to ESAB (a major international welding equipment manufacturer), compared with other aluminum alloys, 5083 only loses 7% of its tensile strength around the weld zone, and 5052 loses 19% to 36% after welding. tensile strength. Heat-treated alloys such as 6061 may lose about 80% of their tensile strength around the heat-affected zone of the weld bead.

Both the 5754 aluminum plate and the 5083 cast aluminum plate belong to the aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plate. The main difference between the two is the magnesium alloy content, hardness and elongation. The magnesium alloy content of the 5754 aluminum plate is around 3%, and the magnesium alloy content of the 5083 aluminum plate is as high as 4.5%. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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