5083 aluminum plate

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The Application of 5083 Cast Aluminum Plate

5083 cast aluminum plate is with a high content of magnesium alloy, reaching 4.0%-4.9%. It is widely used in tankers, automobiles and ships. Learn more.

5083 Aluminum Factory for Fuel Tanker

5083 aluminum factory is often used for fuel tanker. The common tempers are en aw 5083 h111, 5083 h11 5083 h112 and 5083 h321. Learn more.

5083 Alloy for LNG/Fuel/Air Storage Tank

5083 alloy is an important aluminum alloy for LNG/Fuel/Air Storage tank. What are the advantages of aluminum alloy tank? Another important aluminum tanker plate is 5754. Learn more.

Aluminum Grade 5083 for Fuel Tank Trailers

The trailer aluminum sheets are 5052, 5083, 5754, 5182,etc. Aluminum grade 5083 can store liquid materials very well. It can be used to make the baffles, bulkhead and tank body. Learn more.

Where to Find The Best 5083 Aluminum Sheet

5083 aluminum plate is widely used in the body part of fuel tankers (LNG) storage tanks on transport ships, especially the extra-wide aluminum plate. What are its advantages? Learn more.

Aluminium 5083 Plate for Special Vehicles

Aluminum 5083 plate is widely used in LNG tank, semi-trailers and fuel tankers due to light weight and strong corrosion resistance. What are its properties and advantages? Learn more.

5083 Aluminum Sheet Properties

5083 aluminium, also called en aw 5083, is highly resistant to seawater and industrial chemicals. It is widely used in shipbuilding and tanker truck. What are its properties and other applications? Learn more.

5083 Aluminum Plate for Tankers

As a typical grade of 5xxx Al-Mg alloy, 5083 aluminum plate for tankers has unparalleled advantage like lightweight, excellent corrosion resistance and high recycling value.

5083 H111 Aluminum Plate for Tank Truck

5083 H111 belong to Al-Mg alloy, which is not heat-treatable and is widely used in the manufacturing of tank truck, ships and other automobiles. Learn more.

The Five Most Common Aluminum Plate

1060, 3003, 5083, 6061 and 7075 aluminum sheet are all the typical ones in their own series. What are their properties and uses? Learn more.

High Temperature Deformation Behavior of Alu 5083

Alu 5083 belongs to the Al-Mg non-heat-treatable deformed aluminum alloy. What are its high temperature deformation behavior? Learn more.

Aluminium 5083 Rolled Plate

Aluminium 5083 rolled plate,5754aluminum sheet and 5182 aluminum plate are commonly used for the manufacturing of the tanker truck. What are its properties and advantages? Learn more.

5083 5454 Aluminum Sheet for Trailer

5083 aluminum sheet is a typical aluminum alloy for commercial vehicles and trailers. Al5454 is very suitable for making tanker trucks for high temperature transportation and powder tankers. Learn more.

The Manufacturing Process of Aluminium 5083 H321

In order to reduce the adverse effects of β phase precipitation, aluminum 5083 h321 was developed. What are its manufacturing process? Welcome to learn more.

5000 Series Aluminum Sheet Metal for Trailer

5000 series aluminum plate is a high-grade aluminum alloy plate whose main alloy element is Mg. They can be used for trailer, fuel tanker, powder tanker, LNG tank,etc. Learn more.

What Is 5083 Aluminum Used For

5083 aluminum alloy is a typical 5xxx alloy, having medium strength and excellent corrosion resistance. It is widely used in the manufacturing of fuel tank, LNG tank, semi trailer and ships. Learn more.

Aluminum Sheet for Fuel Tank Truck Material

Among different fuel tank truck materials, aluminum alloy follows the lightweight trend most. Aluminum tooling plate 5083 is often used for making bulkhead. Learn more.

5083 Aluminum Coils for Tanker Truck

5083 aluminum coil has good corrosion resistance, excellent welding performance and high tensile strength, which is suitable for various types of tanker trucks. Learn more.

5083 5059 Aluminum Sheet for Tank Truck

Aluminum 5083 wide plate is often used for the oil tank truck. 5059 aluminum widely used in special tank trucks for petrochemical and other dangerous goods. What are their properties? Learn more.

Why Is Aluminum Plate Chosen for Fuel Tanker

Now most fuel tankers choose aluminum plate like 5083 aluminum. What are its advantages? Learn more.

Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tanker VS Other Fuel Tank Truck

The tank body of an aluminum alloy tank truck is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy like 5083 aluminum plate or 5754 h111 aluminum. What are its advantages compared with carbon steel or stainless steel? Learn more.

5083 Aluminum Wide Plate for Tankers

5083 aluminum plate is one the main aluminum wide plates for making tankers like oil tankers because of its strong corrosion resistance and excellent weldability. Learn more.

The High Processing Requirements of Aluminium Wide Plate for Tankers

Most oil tankers and other tankers are welded with 5083 aluminum wide plate. Not any manufacturer can produce it. Learn more.

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