Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tanker VS Other Fuel Tank Truck

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Oil tank trucks are divided into refueling trucks and oil transport trucks. Whether they are refueling trucks or oil transport trucks, they are composed of a hazardous chemicals chassis, a top tank and an auxiliary system.

The difference between a refueling truck and an oil transport truck is that the refueling truck is equipped with a refueling machine, while the oil transport truck does not have a refueling machine. The raw materials of the fuel tanker are generally ordinary carbon steel, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel. After investigation, it was found that among these three materials, aluminum alloy tank trucks have the highest sales volume. Why is this?

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The same car model can pull more if it uses an aluminum alloy tank body. The tank body of an aluminum alloy tank truck is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy like 5083 aluminum plate or 5754 h111 aluminum. The density of the material is relatively small, so a tank with the same volume is lighter than carbon steel. For example, a 28-square-meter aluminum alloy oil tanker is 2 tons lighter than a carbon steel tank.

Generally, the total weight of the same type of tank truck is the same, so the lighter the curb weight, the heavier the rated load, and the more fuel that can be loaded. It will bring more profit return quickly.

Oil tank trucks use aluminum alloy tanks, which are not easy to rust and do not pollute the oil. Aluminum reacts chemically with oxygen to produce aluminum oxide, which is aluminum rust. Aluminum rust is very thin, with a thickness of only one ten thousandth of a millimeter. But it is very hard and very wear-resistant. It adheres closely to the surface of the aluminum, preventing the aluminum inside from contacting the outside air and preventing the aluminum from continuing to rust. Therefore, the aluminum alloy tank will not pollute the oil during transportation. There are also no impurities produced during the process.

Aluminum alloy tank trucks have a lower relative center of gravity because of their lighter tanks, making them safer and more fuel-efficient. The weight of carbon steel is almost three times that of aluminum alloy tanks with the same volume.

Stainless steel tanks are as corrosion-resistant as aluminum alloy tanks, but aluminum alloy tanks are cheaper than stainless steel tanks. The recycling value of aluminum alloy tanks is much higher than carbon steel tanks. This is why most people choose aluminum alloy fuel tankers. Welcome to contact us for learning more about 5754 and 5083-h116 aluminum properties.

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