How to Design Tank Truck With 5454 Aluminum

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As an important logistics equipment, tank trucks are widely used in the automobile transportation industry. In the past, steel tankers were the main transportation vehicle of diesel, gasoline, flammable liquids, chemical liquids and other media.

Due to the weight of the steel tanker, the low weight utilization factor, the high fuel consumption of the vehicle, the steel tanker has been gradually replaced by aluminum alloy load tanker. 5454 aluminum is one of the main alloys for making tank truck.

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Overall Design Ideas

The upper body of the tank truck, that is tank body, is all made of 5454 aluminum alloy. The walking mechanism is made of steel achieve the purpose of lightening the tank. At the same time, this structure reduces the center of gravity of the vehicle and increases the safety of the vehicle.

The transverse section of the tank body is changed from trapezoid to ellipse, and the front and rear heads are changed from flat heads to arcs to achieve reasonable structural force. It contributes to reducing wind resistance during driving and fuel consumption.

The anti-wave system is changed from a corrugated structure to an arc structure, and the internal manholes, feed holes, vents and other structures are changed to ensure the rigidity of the tank while improving the anti-wave effect, making the vehicle run more smoothly.

Manufacturing Process

The welding of 5454 aluminum sheet is a key part, but also a difficult point. Aluminum alloy has poor weldability due to a series of problems such as low melting point, surface oxide film, fast heat conduction and easy deformation. The quality of welding directly affects the quality of the product and the service life of the equipment, as well as the appearance quality of the product.

To improve welding performance,some advanced special welding equipment should be chosen such as TIG welding machine and rotary friction welding machine. At the same time, in order to ensure the welding quality of the appearance of the product, the special pecial welding robots for welding the irregular parts. Welcome to leave message below to inquire 5454 aluminum plate.

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