The Use of 5xxx and 6xxx Aluminum In Fuel Tanker and Car

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Aluminum tanker plate can effectively reduce the weight of transportation vehicles (including automobiles, ships, rail vehicles, tank trucks, dump trucks, etc.). The density of aluminum alloy is only 1/3 of that of steel, and different tempers can satisfy the need of different parts. It also has good corrosion resistance, formability, weldability and high recycling value.

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5xxx and 6xxx aluminum are by far the most widely used aluminum alloys in rail vehicles. 5xxx aluminum, especially 5454 aluminum and aluminum alloy 5083, can be cold rolled to improve their strength. Adding Mn to 5xxx aluminum can achieve better work hardening performance.

6xxx aluminum such as 6061 can easily extruded into various complex sections, and then heat treated to obtain higher strength. 6xxx aluminum alloys are widely used in car body like car door. These complex profiles take into account the combination of different parts, thereby reducing manpower and manufacturing costs.

Both of 5xxx and 6xxx aluminum can meet the application of rail vehicles, and it is difficult to say which one is better. This is mainly based on the process requirements of end users (such as: strength, surface processing, weldability,etc.)

5454 aluminum is a main aluminum plate for fuel tankers, belonging to Al-Mg alloy, of which the strength is about 20% higher than that of 5052. It also has better corrosion resistance than 5154 aluminum. Haomei Aluminum’s "1+1" production line provides a strong foundation for the large-scale production of 5454 aluminum plates and ensures its excellent performance.

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