The Welding Technique of Aluminum Alloy Load Tanker

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The weight of aluminum alloy load tanker is almost only 1/3 of the weight of steel tank truck with the same volume, greatly reducing its own weight. For example, a 45m3 aluminum tanker can can reduce its own weight by 5T compared to steel.

Aluminum alloy load tanker has incomparable corrosion resistance than steel, which can transport various liquids or liquefied gases without any protective layer inside. This is also the reason why international oil giants such as BP and SHELL compulsorily use aluminum alloy tanks to transport oil, thus ensuring oil quality. How to weld aluminium alloy tanker?

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Aluminum alloy tanker welding scheme:

Raw material: 5083 Plate

Aluminum plate thickness: 6-10 mm.

Butt joints: longitudinal seams 1AI, 2AI, etc. and circular seams B1, B2, B3, etc.

Groove: 60°--70°

Corner joints: manhole D1, flange, connection pipe D2, etc.

Gas selection: 99.99% Ar argon

Welding material: Ф1.2mm 5183

Welding process selection

In TIG welding, we should adopt high welding speed and reduce the infiltration of hydrogen. The tool is a water-cooled welding gun. The welding wire diameter is Ф2.4 or Ф3.2. The welding current is 150-260 A. This welding technology is suitable for welding small aluminum structures.

In MIG welding, the influence of the oxide film of the welding wire is more significant. Therefore, by reducing the welding speed and increasing the welding heat input to reduce the pores in the weld. The welding current is 180-260 A; the arc voltage is 21-24V; the welding speed is 50-70 cm/min; the gas flow is 23-25L/min.

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