5083 aluminum sheet

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The Properties of 5083 Aluminum Sheets for Trailers

5083 aluminum sheet is also known as Almg4.5 aluminum alloy, widely used in automobiles, ships and tank trailers. What are its main properties? Learn more.

En Aw 5083 h321 Used in Different Types of Tanker

EN AW 5083h321 aluminum is s the most important alloy material for aluminum tankers like oil tanker and LNG tanker. Why is 5083 aluminum plae chosen for tanker truck? Learn more.

The Hot Rolling 5083 Cast Aluminum Plate

5083 cast aluminum plate for making fuel tank truck is a hot rolled aluminum sheet. What are the hot rolling advantages and process? Learn more.

Aluminium 5083 Sheet for LNG Tank and Air Storage Tank

Aluminium 5083 sheet is an ideal material for LNG tank and air storage tank because of light weight, ultra-low temperature resistance, medium strength, strong corrosion resistance,etc. Learn more.

5083 Aluminum Sheet tor LNG Tank

5083 Aluminum sheet for sale is a high-quality material for the manufacture of LNG tank and fuel tankers. Why is it chosen? It has great low temperature performance and moderate strength.

5083 Aluminum Tooling Plate for Fuel and LNG Tank

The proper aluminum sheets for tank bodies of oil tankers and other chemical transport vehicles are 5083 aluminum tooling plate. 5083 is also a proper choice to make LNG tanks. Learn more.

5083 H116 H321 for Tanker Truck

5083 aluminum sheet is one of the popular aluminum alloys for making tanker truck. The common tempers are H111, H116 and H321. What are its properites? Learn more.

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