The Properties of 5083 Aluminum Sheets for Trailers

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The aluminum sheets for trailers are mainly 5 series aluminum. It is an aluminum alloy with magnesium as the main alloy element. The main alloy grades include 5052, 5083, 5182, 5754, 5454 and 5059.

Under the global background of green environmental protection, the tanker manufacturing industry has gradually embarked on the road of lightweight development under the stimulation of social energy demand and the continuous and rapid development of the oil transportation industry.

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5083 aluminum sheet is also known as Almg4.5 aluminum alloy. 5083 aluminum plate has good forming performance, easy turning, good corrosion resistance, weldability, and is suitable for deep processing. It is commonly used in the manufacture of mechanical parts, automobiles, ships and tank car bodies.

It has good toughness, which can meet the requirements of welding of trailers components after forming. The aluminum sheet 5083 has anti-aging stability to ensure that aging does not occur from the delivery of the sheet to the stamping production, and prevent the yield point of the material from rising during stamping.

5083 aluminum plate also has high tensile strength. Tensile strength refers to the maximum stress a material can withstand before being pulled apart. Specifically, this means that under the same conditions as the thickness and other conditions, a trailer made of 5083 aluminum alloy can withstand more impact than that made of steel plate.

Its common tempers are H116 and H321. 5083-H116 aluminum plate is commonly used in the field of transportation, for automobile fuel tanks and aircraft fuel tanks. 5083-h321 aluminum plate refers to the processing method that 5083 aluminum plate is heat treated at low temperature after work hardening, or is directly heated during processing, thereby obtaining stable mechanical properties.

The application of aluminum sheet 5083 to the tank trailer can reduce the weight of each car by 3-5 tons, thereby reducing the inertia of the body, improving the transportation efficiency and achieving the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, and has obvious advantages in traffic safety. Welcome to leave message below to inquire 5083 aluminum sheet price.

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