aluminum plate for tanker body

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Aluminum Alloy Sheets for Railcars

The process of replacing steel with 5083 aluminum plates in manufacturing tank trucks has been studied Other aluminum sheets transportation are 5059, 5454, 5754, 5182,etc. Learn more.

5454 Aluminum Plate for Aluminum Truck Tanks

5454 Al-Mg alloy has good corrosion resistance and high strength, so it is widely used in making aluminum truck tanks, shipbuilding, marine engineering, seawater treatment equipment,etc. Learn more.

5083 5754 Alloy for Aluminum Tanker Trailer

Aluminum plate for tanker body is widely used in semi trailer, fuel tanker, powder tank truck, coal truck, container,etc. The main two alloy grades are 5083 and 5754 aluminum alloys. Learn more.

Why Is 5083 Aluminum Sheet Used for Fuel Tanker

The main aluminum plates for tanker body are aw 5083, 5754, 5454, 5182 and 5059. Many fuel tanker manufacturer choose en 5083 aluminum. What are its advantages? Learn more.

What Are Aluminum Pros and Cons in Making Tanker Trucks

What are aluminum pros and cons in making tanker trucks? It has high safety, low operation cost, good corrosion resistance, excellent performance,low emission,but it is also relatively expensive. Learn more.

5083 or 5754 for Aluminium Alloy Load Tanker

Both 5754 and 5083 are used for aluminum alloy load tanker. What are their properties and differences? 5754 aluminum’s Mg content is lower than 5083 and its price is also cheaper. Learn more.

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