5083 5754 Alloy for Aluminum Tanker Trailer

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Aluminum alloys are widely used in passenger cars due to their good elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent impact resistance and energy absorption capabilities, obvious weight reduction effects, high fuel economy, and extremely high recyclability. Aluminum plate for tanker body is widely used in semi trailer, fuel tanker, powder tank truck, coal truck, container,etc.

Due to the needs of environmental protection and energy saving, lightweighting has become an inevitable trend in the development of semi-trailers. Lightweighting semi-trailers is crucial to reducing body weight, reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions. Semi-trailer lightweighting can be achieved through advanced manufacturing processes, lightweight materials, structural design, etc. Lightweight materials include aluminum, magnesium, ceramics, plastics, glass fiber, carbon fiber composite materials, etc.

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The production of tank truck bodies has high requirements on raw materials like good corrosion resistance, high processing performance, good formability and strong pressure resistance. These requirements are exactly in line with the characteristics of the 5000 aluminum alloy. Its typical grades are 5052/5083/5754/5182, etc.

5083 aluminum sheet with large size is widely used in the tanker body, because tank trucks are generally longer, with a length of 4-12.5 meters. The larger the width of the aluminum plate, the more difficult it is to control the plate shape. The plate shape has a great influence on the surface quality of the aluminum plate and is the key to whether qualified products can be rolled. Ultra-thin thickness requires more precise control, which places extremely high requirements on production. What are the aluminium 5083 mechanical properties?

5083 alloy is a typical 5XXX series alloy. It has excellent weldability, corrosion resistance, processing and formability and low temperature properties. Among Al-Mg series alloys, it has medium strength properties. The strength of the welded joint can be equal to that of the base material in the annealed state, and it has reliable corrosion resistance. The mechanical properties of the alloy increase evenly as the temperature decreases, as does the fracture toughness. It is especially suitable for various Internal and external welded sheet metal structural parts of special vehicles, semi-trailers, commercial vehicles, etc.

AW-5754 h111 is another popular aluminum alloy in making aluminum tanker trailer. It has the characteristics of medium strength, good corrosion resistance and weldability, and easy processing and forming. 5754 aluminum alloy plates in different heat treatment states are widely used in welded structural parts, large roof panels, automobile manufacturing, rail transit, shipbuilding manufacturing and other fields.

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