5xxx Aluminum Plate for Tankers

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In recent years, with the continuous development of the global economy, the transportation volume of oil-based materials has greatly increased, and the subsequent transportation accidents of dangerous chemicals such as oil have also occurred frequently.

The steel tanker has many problems like producing sparks when colliding, the corrosion of the tank body and the rust of steel itself, which will cause the safety of the vehicle structure to deteriorate. At present, the developed countries in Europe and the United States have basically adopted aluminum plate for tankers replacing the traditional carbon steel.

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Aluminum alloy tank trucks have significant advantages such as safety, larger bearing capacity, energy saving and environmental protection. Most of the aluminum alloy plates used in tank truck are 5xxx aluminum alloy.

5xxx aluminum features high strength and high elongation. The aluminum tank car made of 5 series aluminum alloy sheet is formed at one time, and the tank body has higher strength and ductility, and the tank body is difficult to crack when it rolls over, so as to avoid the explosion of the vehicle due to oil leakage, and ensure the safety of the drivers.

The alu 5083, 5052 and 5454 aluminum sheet produced by Haomei Aluminum are flat, bright, no black spots and of uniform color. The fuel tanker produced by Haomei aluminum plate is of uniform color and has longer service life.

At present, the 5052, 5083, and 5454 aluminum plates developed and produced by Haomei Aluminum are widely used in passenger cars, semi-trailers, LNG ships, and fuel tankers. While greatly improving the transportation efficiency, it also takes into account the environmental protection performance, providing a solution for the lightweight of oil tankers.

The thickness of Haomei 5454 aluminum sheet ranges from 3.0-8.0mm and the width ranges from 1500-2500mm. The introduction of Haomei Aluminum’s 1+1 hot-rolling production line and the six-high cold rolling mill provide an equipment basis for the production of aluminum plates for tank trucks. Welcome to leave message below to get an quotation.

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