What Are Advantages of Aluminium Alloy Load Tanker

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The main materials used in the tank body are carbon steel and aluminum alloy. In the 1960s, aluminum alloy began to be used in vehicles on a large scale. At present, the developed countries such as Europe, the United States, Australia, and Japan has all adopted aluminum alloy loader tanker.

The use of carbon steel tankers to load fuel oil, especially gasoline, can easily rust and pollute the quality of the oil, which will lead to early wear of automobile engines. The aluminum sheet for tank truck can avoid this situation and can greatly reduce the vehicle's own weight and improve transportation efficiency. In addition, it has a a longer service life, reach 20 years.

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5182 aluminum alloy, 5454 aluminum sheet and aluminum 5083 are three main kinds of aluminum sheets for fuel tankers, which has the following advantages:


Safety is an important indicator for evaluating fuel tank trucks. Aluminum alloy fuel tank trucks have the following safety performance compared with carbon steel tank trucks:

1. Because the aluminum alloy oil tanker is lighter, which is about 35% of carbon steel, the center of gravity of the whole vehicle is low, it is not easy to overturn.

2. Due to the low center of gravity and light weight of the aluminum alloy oil tanker, the tires are less worn and not easy to puncture.

3. Since 5454 aluminum sheet has good electrical conductivity, static electricity is not easy to accumulate, and no instant discharge will occur.

4. No sparks will be generated when the vehicle collides or rolls over, eliminating the hidden danger of fire.

Corrosion Resistance

5182 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance and can form a dense aluminum oxide film to prevent corrosion from the atmosphere and moisture, so its surface can be unpainted and has the following advantages:

1. The aluminum alloy tanker will automatically regenerate the oxide film on the surface after rubbing, and it will not rust.

2. Because there is no need to paint, it can save maintenance costs related to corrosion.

3. The aluminum alloy tanker will not pollute the oil due to rust.

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