What Are Advantages of Fuel Tanker Made of Al 5182

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As far as we know, many goods transported by tankers are hazardous chemicals or flammable and explosive materials. The safety of fuel tanker is very important. Traditional steel or iron tanker bodies are very important in the event of an accident. It is easy to produce sparks, which greatly increases safety risks, but the use of aluminum tanker materials can greatly reduce this risk, which is why the industry strongly advocates the use of aluminum tanker plate.

The aluminum alloy tanker is safe and efficient, and it is the preferred means of transportation in the modern logistics industry. The common choice is 5083, 5454, 5754 and Al 5182. Al 5182 is the latest high-magnesium alloy tanker plate born specifically for the European road dangerous goods transport agreement in recent years.

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The production of tanker truck has high requirements for this raw material and processing technology. The raw material should have good corrosion resistance, high processing performance and strong resistance to pressure. These requirements are exactly in line with the characteristics of the 5xxx aluminum plate.

The tensile strength and elongation of Al5182 is relatively high. The mechanical properties in the weld can reach the minimum value specified for the base metal. The excellent quality of 5182 alloy improves the safety of aluminum tank trucks. In addition, the thickness of the aluminum tank body can be 0.5-1mm lower than that of the 5083 alloy when the diameter is the same.

The density of 5182 aluminum alloy is less than 35% of that of traditional carbon steel materials, and the tank trucks made with it have the characteristics of light weight and low center of gravity. Lightweight tank trucks can convert the saved weight into transportation capacity, which has high economic benefits.

The 5052, 5083, 5454 and 5182 aluminum produced by Haomei Aluminum is widely used in passenger cars, semi-trailers, fuel trucks and LNG. While greatly improving the transportation efficiency, it also takes into account the environmental protection performance, which provides a solution for the lightweight trucks. Welcome to leave message below to inquire 5182 aluminum plate price.

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