Why Choose 5454 Aluminum Plate for Tankers

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The tank truck is a common transportation vehicle of liquid materials. In terms of safety, environmental protection, and economy, traditional steel tankers have been gradually replace by aluminum alloy load tanker.

The uses of aluminum tanker plate can greatly reduce the weight of the tanker body. The reduction in the body weight means the increase in the speed of the car and the reduction in fuel, which brings higher economic profit.

As we know, many of the materials transported by tankers are hazardous chemicals or flammable and explosive materials. The safety of transporting such materials is a very important factor. Traditional steel or iron iron tanker bodies are easy to produce sparks, which greatly increases safety risks, but the use of aluminum tanker can avoid such possibility.

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5454 aluminum plate has good performance at high temperature, which is an ideal choice to transport high temperature liquid. It is a typical anti-rust aluminum, and its strength is higher, about 20% higher than that of 5052 aluminum plate. 5454 aluminum plate is widely used in automobiles, aluminum tanker cylinder and other fields.

In tha aluminum alloy fuel tanker manufacturing, 5454-H32/ 5454-H111 is used to make alumnum tank truck body. For the head, bulkhead and baffle of the fuel tankes, the common choice is 5454-O aluminum hseet.

In addition, because of excellent corrosion resistance, high fatigue resistance and plasticity, 5454 aluminum sheet is also used for marine pipes. The service life of submarine pipelines generally exceeds 20 years. At the same time, the marine pipelines made of 5454 aluminum sheet is maintenance-free or minimal maintenance. Welcome to leave message below to inquire 5454 aluminum sheet price.

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