aluminum 5059

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Aluminum 5059 for Ship and Tank Truck

With excellent comprehensive performance like good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, aluminum 5059 is widely used for ships and tankers building. Learn more.

Aluminum 5059 for Fuel Tank and Semi Truck

Aluminum 5059 is of high strength, good weldability, and low crack tendency, which is widely used for oil tankers, semi truck and vehicles for transporting dangerous goods. Learn more.

5059 Aluminum Sheet Transportation

5059 aluminum sheet is widely used for special vehicles for petrochemical, semi trailer and shipbuilding due to xcellent comprehensive performance like better elastic resistance, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance than 5083.

What Is Aluminum 5059 Price

Aluminum 5059 is widely used in ships and tankers. The aluminum 5059 price consists of aluminum ingot price and processing cost, also affected by freight. Learn more.

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