Why Do We choose Aluminum Sheeting for Trailers

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The powder semi-trailer can be used in the transportation of bulk powder materials in industry, agriculture, and construction, such as the transportation of bulk cement, fly ash, talc powder, powder feed, and lime powder materials, ending the need for packaging of bulk powder materials. And there is no pollution and no noise during the loading and unloading process of bulk powder materials. Now the aluminum sheeting for trailers is very popular. Why?

At present, there are two main types of semi-trailers for powder materials: all-steel and Half-aluminum and half-steel. The steel semi-trailer’s structure includes tank body assembly, frame assembly, piping system, tank top walking platform, tank rear ladder, side guardrails, fenders, rear bumper, spare tire assembly and toolbox. Under the specified loading conditions, the self-weight of the whole vehicle is relatively heavy and the volume of the tank is small. During transportation, the self-weight of the whole vehicle brings large fuel consumption and small load.

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For the semi trailer with half aluminum and half steel, the tank body assembly, piping system, tank top walking platform, tank rear ladder, side rails, fenders, sub-frame and tool box are all made of aluminum. In order to ensure the strength, the part that bears a lot of force during driving is made of steel, and the half frame and the spare tire are made of steel. Under the same load conditions stipulated by the road traffic regulations, the weight of the whole vehicle is lighter than that of the all-steel model. The volume of the tank can be slightly larger.

However, due to the different materials of steel and aluminum, they cannot be connected by welding, so a sub-frame must be installed to connect the tank body and the frame assembly with bolts, so the structure is more complicated than that made of all steel.

The two heaviest parts of the semi-trailer are the tank assembly and the frame assembly, which account for about 90% of the weight of the vehicle. After the tank assembly and the frame assembly are all made of aluminum alloy parts, the weight of the vehicle is less than half of that of an all-stainless steel semi-trailer and is one third of that of the half-stainless steel and half-aluminum alloy semi-trailer.

The common aluminum sheeting for trailers are 5052, 5182 and 5083. 5052 aluminum sheet with a thickness of 4-5mm is used for the semi-trailer body side panels and inner panels. The semi-trailer body is made of aluminum alloy plates and aluminum extruded plates.

The elongation rate of 5182 aluminum plate for tank head is 60% higher than that of ordinary 5000 series aluminum sheets. It is corrosion resistant and requires no anti-corrosion treatment during the life cycle. 5083 aluminum sheet is also a popular choice for making trailer tankers. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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